Internal Quad pain

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I would have a question please,
iI anyone experiencing some internal quad pain feel like a long lasting cramp. I can nurse it during the ride by decreasing the cadence. If the pain turns in to a cramp standing up or performing a stretch will help.


If anyone have this situation what do you doing please to ease the pain

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How are your cleats positioned on your shoes re Q-Factor (stance width) and forward/rearward? Further, dropping a plumb-line from the nose of your saddle with you bike on level ground, how far rearward of that plumb-line is the center of your bottom bracket? Lastly, what is your inseam and the respective lengths of your tibia and femur? Iā€™m assuming that your saddle height and forward/rearward positioning is apt for you.

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Thank you for the reply
I had it measured for my higher but not sure if right or not
I will attempt another company to help me set me up

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Good call ā€” making a guess based on my experience and the brief information from you, I would expect that you are short and have narrow hips/pelvis and further I would expect that you need to use a more narrow Q-Factor (stance width) i.e. you need to move your cleats outwards on your shoes so that your shoes come inwards. Best of luck in resolving the problem.

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