Cures for hot foot?

Often times when I ride, I get hot foot. Which for me is extreme discomfort in one or both feet. My feet feel like they’re on fire. This condition usually occurs after 40-50 miles on the bike. I can get temporary relief by getting off the bike and walking around some. However, it will usually come back. This doesn’t happen every ride and is not dependent on the socks or shoes I’m wearing as it happens with both my mountain bike shoes and road bike shoes. Any suggestions? Thanks

You listed a few things that’s really not the problem that I would suspect would be the issue. So that’s adds to the mystery.

Are your road shoes and mountain bike shoes the same size? Maybe a half size bigger would be better.

You could slide both cleats back a little putting less pressure on the foot.

Check into getting custom insoles for your shoes.

Does your pedal and cadence change on some of the longer rides? Maybe as you fatigue you tend to push down more abs lower your cadence.

I also know your feet will tend to swell when hotter so this could be part if the issue. Tightening your shoes a little less and keep them loose. Be proactive before they start to hurt with this.

Maybe someone else can chime in here. I know it’s probably frustrating.

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Thank you for the response. I believe the shoes are the same size. It’s happened to me in 3 different pairs of shoes. On my mountain bike shoes, I slide the cleats back. I’ve seen others with this issue on long organized rides, so I figure that this is a problem faced by many and am hoping someone has found a solution. I do have a wide foot and have often wondered why all the bike shoes I see are so narrow. Even the mega size often times aren’t wide enough. New Balance made a company catering to runners with wide feet. Seems like a company making bike shoes would try to fill this hole.
With regards to the cadence, I don’t think it changes that much. You can look at my history on TP to see what you think. Thanks again for your suggestions.

I put hot foot pain in the bike fit category. Orthotics, shoes, cleats, socks (?) - its all diagnosable and fixed from your friendly local bike fitter. Super tough to figure out what’s what in the forum, IMO.


You aren’t kidding! It was a nightmare for me to find some shoes that didn’t turn into iron maidens after 30 miles. It was frustrating because they can feel fine until you ride enough to get some swelling and then it’s game over. I ended up using a local performance bike with a liberal return policy until I found one that worked, it turned out to be a wide Shimano shoe in their oddball “US 12.3 wide” size that did the trick. I was also recommended to try Lake as a wide-foot friendly brand but there weren’t any local dealers with non-leather models to try out.

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