Indoor v Outdoor

Is indoor training harder work than outdoor ? An indoor session is constant pedalling whereas outdoor will have some coasting but does tss cover this , or is it all in my head ?

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Hey @Storm2819,

Indoor vs outdoor is dependent on the workout and the person! Personally, I cant handle my hard workouts inside - I need the outside stimulation and it’s sometimes harder to hit watts inside. If you stay on the pedals and in your zone(s) then you should hit your TSS or be close. You don’t get TSS is you’re not pedaling!

Hope that helps,
Coach Allie

Thanks Allie, i find indoor workouts harder as pedalling never stops ,its constant ,as duration is used to calculate tss i wonder does it differentiate between indoor and outdoor (which will always have some coasting/free wheeling ) ?

Normalized power is also used as part of the TSS calculation so that would factor in your coasting.

But you can say the same thing about riding in Florida vs riding in hilly terrain, do we have a Florida TSS (where you never coast) and a Colorado TSS? nope