Indoor Trainer Question

Considering getting an indoor trainer. Right now, it seems to be between the Wahoo Kicker or Trac Neo 2. I’d like hear what folks here recommend.


I have been a KICKR guy since they came out, had an indoor KICKR cycling studio and they are great. I have heard great things about the TACX Neo as well. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

Price wise the KICKR is a few hundy’s cheaper. Not sure if anyone on here has experiences the Tacx they could share…??

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Ive had 2 wahoo Kickrs (1st and 3rd gen) and never had any issues. My next investment will be in a trainer rocker plate. I have never tried Tacx either, but they seem to be really nice.

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Hopefully this is okay to say on this forum but for any bike/electronics related questions I always look at dcrainmaker. Every year he breaks down the best trainers to buy for the year based on price point. He did just post about a new elite coming out/out now that is wheel off, $799, and includes a cassette. He hasn’t posted the full review but his “hands on” summary was pretty informative and sounded promising.

Personally, I’ve been using one of the original kickrs and have never had any issues. I just checked and I’ve put over 14,000 miles (fake zwift miles lol) on it. I bought it right before my 4.5 yr old was born knowing outside riding would be close to impossible at times. I use it year round with no issues. There are so many good options now compared to almost 5 yrs ago I would really take a look at dcrainmakers trainer review.

Here’s the link to the most recent trainer review “round up”


You’ll like the result. I was plagued with saddle sores during the last 2 winters, adding a rocker plate really helped with the late part of winter and I’m hopeful this coming winter I’ll avoid the issue. I went with the premade SBR Rockr pro, smaller size.

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I’ve really liked this trainer. It has really good road feel. You can connect it with ZWIFT and all the other online systems. DCRAINMAKER gave it a good review. My only suggestion would be to have a wheel dedicated to this and get the extra wheel weight addition to help with feel. Family loves the quiet when I’m riding in the den. They are half off still. 4iii bought them out, Great customer support. no affiliation to company.

Zwift Insider just emailed out a discount code to get that Elite direct drive trainer for only $599! Check it out!

Wow, that’s a steal!!!