Incorporating running

I’m interesting in incorporating running into my training plan. I’m a 55 year old masters athlete with many years on the bike, including a multi-year foray into Ironman. I’ve been back to bike focus since covid (did not miss swimming and never went back). I’ve been doing Grand Fondos and gravel for the past several years.

I like running and would like to keep running n the mix as cross training a few times a week.

What is your advice?



Hey @jmkizer -

Keep your running low key if you choose to run. I would do it after zone 2 days so you have a proper rest day after that! I wouldn’t do it more than 2x/week and I definitely would not run the week of or two weeks out from your events!

Hope that helps,
Coach Allie


I’d add that running is an easy addition to any strength day in the sense of not messing up your cycling workouts. I am 50 and have done that for years. I’ll usually run before my strength sessions as warmup.

So that means 3x per week running with the FasCat strength program in the off season decreasing to 1-2x per week running/strength in the cycling season. As Allie said, no running x 2-3 weeks before A events.

I’ve personally always felt that a little bit of running greatly helps my neuromuscular efficiency and posture on the bike, Totally anecdotal…. I just know that when I don’t keep up a little bit of running, I get injured. When I run just a little bit, I seem to stay healthy particularly with regards to my back.

Hope this helps