I have not received an email from Training Peaks

Just sent it your way Chad!

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Hi @Lacey_Rivette or someone else in the team.

Just signed up for my first plan and nothing record from training peaks yet.

Are you able to push this across to me please?


Welcome to the Fascat community @laurence.hanoman! We are excited to have you.
I just pushed that plan to you and looks like it went through to you this time. Let me know if for some reason you have not received it.

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Ah perfect, it’s there now. Thanks @Lacey_Rivette!

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Hi, I just purchased the Zwift plan, but haven’t gotten it pushed to me yet. Can i please get it? thanks.

I am 99% positive that I pushed this plan to you @brandenho
Let me know if not and I will jump on that ASAP!

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