How to peak for a fast metric century in the N Ga mtns in the fall?

Been stalking you guys for a while and pretty sure I’m going to pick up a couple of 6 week plans to peak for this metric century that has 3 tough climbs in the north Georgia mountains (Sept 29), 3-3.5 hrs of hard effort.

Solid base and fitness right now heading into a 70.3 tri in Chattanooga this weekend. That’s it for tri’s for the year. The rest of the year is bike focus, with a little bit of running, swimming, and stand up paddling mixed in for diversity and cross training.

While 3 Gap is not actually a race,there’s a pack of us who are going to work together and try to redline and crush this Sept 29th event with a race effort.

So, my question is this…after the 70.3 this weekend, should I stay plan free and just freestyle for a couple of weeks before lining up 2 of your six week plans heading into the Sept 29 date? If that sounds reasonable, which 2 plans would you recommend?

Keep up the great work!



A little break is good after an early season goal, especially when a second goal is late in the season.

But the sooner you start the better off you will be. Don’t want to lose fitness that you have built up so far! Seems you are spot on.

I would recommend you start with Sweet Spot 2 since you will have a good base already in.

Then you should do one of our Fondo Plans! 3 gaps in Georgia you’ll be doing some climbing.

Could choose just the Fondo plan or even Phil’s Fondo plan which will prepare you for climbing!

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Thanks, Jake.

That’s what I needed. No worries about losing fitness. I tend to get right back at it quickly cuz I want to be able to hang with the local Tues Nite World Championship ride. But, I’ll take a couple weeks without structure until I line up those 2 plans starting 12 weeks out from the big ride.

Appreciate the help.

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Hi Jake,

Sweet Spot Part 2 is ‘sold out’. Can you suggest something comparable? I plan on starting a plan the first week of July.


Since you’ll be riding you can dive into sweet spot 3. Sweet spot 1 is more for starting from scratch and early in the season.

Silly logistic question…if I buy the first plan now, how do I time it with an early July start? Will it give me some option to choose a start or stop date and then plug in workouts accordingly? Sorry for the stupid question. I’ve never had plans coordinated thru TP to start with. I’ve always just logged my workouts and tracked stuff after the fact.

Easy - just choose your start date - see our “Steps to Getting Started” thread - its #6 :slight_smile: