Field Test question

Sorry if this has already been covered. I completed my field test today. I did it outside with a 1.4% average grade during a “high wind warning” My thought was riding into the wind would be similar to a climb. However, I had a really hard time keeping the power down not to mention my average cadence was 74. The 20" test I did last January was 7 watts higher & a cadence of 90 indoors. According to Mr. Weatherman the wind was a 20-25 gusts in the 40’s. Or did I just have a bad day? Sometimes coming off a recovery week I am flat and not as “good” as I will be in a week.

Fighting a wind can be hard. You are also focusing on trying to balance the bike at the same time. It can effect your test negatively. Personally I hav never felt as smooth doing intervals into a headwind.

With that said just roll with your current FTP. Chances are it is not much higher than you have it sent now anyways. Test again later on after some good sweet spot training and retest in better conditions.

Remember FTP is just one number to gage fitness and ability. It is to help set up effective training zones. So even if that number is the same it doesn’t mean you are not better. Also not sure what phase of the training you are in. If you are just coming off the resistance training I would expect to be right where you did it. I would expect some improvement after several weeks of sweet spot work.

I will feel flat after a rest week as well! This is something you have to be mindful of when you set up your taper weeks into races. It is important to have some hard short efforts to keep sharp. You keep the duration down but do keep the intensity up a bit. Look at your performance manager chart and see what your TSB (form) was during some of your better rides and efforts. Than that is the position you want to put yourself into before races. Just some extra food for thought on that one.


Thank you for your response and the extra tip. I am 4 weeks post resistance training after the light week. and 4 weeks into the 18 weeks of SST. So far going well. I’m 52 years old and have not done the 3 week on 1 week recovery in a while, I’m hoping the body can manage the load. The past 4 years I have been doing more of a 15 days on 6 days recovery pattern. Planning to FTFP wit the newly established zones. Mostly inside as we are back into winter. Thanks again Coach Jake.

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