Don't want to lose CTL in offseason

Hi, I just completed a 16 week sweet spot which ends in early October, I’m planning on going into offseason doing the 30 week offseason and ss. I’m worried this will cause me to lose my fitness as i’ve built a great base and my CTL keeps rising. How worried should i be that my CTL will go down in the offseason?


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Hi Dean,

I think a lot of people get hung up on CTL without remembering what it is and what’s behind it.

If you were to rephrase this question as “Is it OK to train bit less (and a bit less intensely) on the bike for a brief period in order to spend time building strength in the gym” you might find the question easier to answer, and the loss of CTL a bit less daunting.

Don’t worry. You will build your CTL up quickly once fully back at it!

Ed K