Dirty Kanza Countdown

Anyone doing DK this year? If so, how’s your training going? I’m following the 6 week FasCat plan as part of my final leg of training.

This will be my first try.

“Trust the process.”


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I rode with someone this weekend who is getting ready to do it! Good luck! Hopefully you get some good weather! Good luck!

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I’m in the 6 week plan as well, It’s been a great guide! This will be me fifth dk having completed the 100 three times and DNF the 200 last year. I live in KC and can tell ya the whole area is saturated, any rain Thursday / Friday won’t be good. I did the '15 hike-a-bike for 4 miles and it was tough. I would think about how much you have to carry (weight) in the event of another 2015 year and what is needed on the bike. It sounds silly but I pack an electrical cord twist tie and a paint stick. Paint stick for carving mud out and the twist tie to secure the bike to my camel bak for hiking. I know, sounds silly but it saves shoulders and minimal weight.

Ride On!


Thanks for all the insights. I wish you all the best.

I’m preparing mentally for a 200 mile tough mudder: hike-bike, hike-bike, hike-bike.

…Or a long and slow cyclocross race.

forecast is getting better and better… some good info below.

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Yesterday was awesome! Despite 2 flats and 2 wipe outs, I finished the Dirty Kanza 200. The 6 weeker was a nice cap on an earlier training plan.


Nice work!! It was a rough day out there between two flats and the heat but it made for an oh so sweet finish. The course was fast and interval-ly. Agree, the 6 week was a good cap with some of the others (mtb100, SS2 for me) as a base.

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