Strava Segment Challenges (Colorado)

Hello there Coalition Members!

We have come up with a Strava Segment Challenge to serve as a competitive outlet for the races and events we are missing. It is specific to the Boulder/Denver/Ft. Collins riders but stay tuned for how you can create your own segment challenge.

Here are the details:

More here:


Awesome idea…I might have to take a Friday off to tackle this!

Does anyone know how to get the strava route downloaded onto a garmin edge 820?

Thanks for putting this together! It sounds like fun and should help to keep training motivation high.

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Great idea @FRANK! There is a team out here in SW Ohio that has been doing something similar: solo time trial challenges. Set course, 12 hours to attempt, take a picture of your bike and post to Strava. This may be the future of racing, at least this year.

@FRANK, listened to the 2 Year Anniversary Episode on my ride this morning (well… on my way to Stage 6 of a Socially Distanced Stage Race before changing to terrible high bpm techno/edm).

We’re doing something similar in/around Roanoke, VA:

It runs most of the month of May, and results are tabulated on a spreadsheet. In lieu of “entry fees”, donations to a nonprofit are encouraged.

I’m racing as a duo, knocking out two road stages and a gravel, while my teammate is doing two mtb stages and one gravel.


right on @thecxmachine - thanks for listening as always!

If you all simply create the segment in Strava - the Strava leaderboard will tabulate the results - no spreadsheets necessary!

The organizer did! Every stage is it’s own segment. The spreadsheet is to tabulate the different categories.

Yea, strava does that for you too! By AGE, Gender, even weight class

Strava is definitely nice and granular, the duo category mainly benefits from the spreadsheet (of which my partner and I are in the process of crushing the Peaks Coaching Group team :grinning:).

Haha - I’m that case give them a big ‘ol #FtFP heckle as y’all ride by :joy:

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This looks awesome! Frank, is your little CR38 distance grab required? Maybe it was a dead end on your recon, but looks like it filtered out a few attempts this weekend - there is now a second Segment with 3 times:

Correct - I was able to edit it thanks to the KOM holder and FasCat Friend Ben Delaney

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Hey @FRANK. I’ll be in the area this week and wanted to get into the mix for these challenges! I’m looking for the upcoming routes, but the second link appears to be dead. I swore I followed a link that took me to the list of them for the Summer.

That link is live:

And from now to July 14th we are going to pay homage to the Crusher in the Tushar with a “2 one hour climbs” route: