Diabolicals on the trainer

Looking for advice - I am just about wrapped up with the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot and I have my first session of Diabolicals tomorrow. Unfortunately, the weather has rolled back in, without signs of leaving, so they will have to be done on the Kickr. Would the recommendation be erg mode or passive? I don’t use Zwift (yet, maybe next trainer season) just let the bolt control the Kickr and watch Netflix.

Thanks in advance,
Tim C

For any interval workout zone 4, 5, 6, or higher do not use ERG mode - go as hard as you can (not what the software tells you too)

Perfect, thanks @FRANK!

Does that include SS intervals Frank? Since SS usually is in range of Z4 efforts?
Say i have a 2x8 SS workout. Do i go full gas on those intervals? turning a SS interval into something higher? Won’t that lead into overtrainning eventually? Or something like that?