Crusher in the Tushar-Tire Choice for a Roadie

Looking for recommendations for tires for Crusher, as 2021 will be my inaugural ride. I’ve participated in a few gravel races, but nothing with the climbing and descending of Crusher. My background is road with no MTB or cyclocross experience, so, although I am improving with experience, handling is not my forte. I think the FasCat team is sponsored by Panaracer, so not sure if the SS is adequate since there is a good amount of pavement or if the SK would be a better choice with my background/experience, assuming dry conditions. Thanks.

35mm GravelKings SK’s at least with sidewall protection - the gravel is deep and speeds are high after the first climb .

Use tread - for the Col de Crusher. A SS will slip out if you get out of the saddle (steep and loose)

I think I cover tires somewhere in this pod:

Thanks for the response. Podcast was very helpful as well for a first timer-will watch it again closer to the race.

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