Coach's Buyer Guide full video podcast

Happy Sunday all! Hope you got out for some good rides this weekend.

In case you missed it, we did a really awesome coach’s buyer guide podcast last week breaking down Coach @FRANK and I’s favorite pieces of gear at varying budgets to choose things that are practical and give you a really great bang for your buck for cycling performance.

For the video version, here’s a link to YT:
For audio podcast, check it out here:

Enjoy the week!

Apologies, ignore the previous link! Had some video upload issues, but here’s the better version:

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This episode is one of our best! I did not realize you wore the CamelBak Chase Vest for the rest of the show :joy::joy:

Here is the SCION travel case for $469.

Wow, that’s a helluva deal, thanks for sharing!

I purchased one and it was in great shape.

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Hey Frank,

Great video. I think in the video you mentioned having a replacement camelbak reservoir waiting for you in the feed zone at SBT GRVL. Is this possible? I didn’t think there is a drop bag service at this one.


I was jus referring to putting one there myself. Which may take a little extra effort the day before but I think worth it. Will also try to find a friend to take it there for me too .

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I may up for that too if the logistics (day before and race day) would work out. Seems like the furthest aid stations(1/2 and 4/5) are each probably about a 30 minute drive from downtown Steamboat.