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Hi Coaches,

I think I’m a good candidate for the coaching subscription, but before I decide to sign up, I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. What is typically involved in the monthly data review offered by the subscription?
  2. How does the data review inform your changes/adaptations to the existing plan?

I’ve been following the 12-week CX Sweet spot plan at 95% adherence for the past 10 weeks, so I’m trying to figure out the value of the coaching service vs. simply adjusting the plan myself.

I ask because I already have the premium version of TrainingPeaks, and I’m comfortable moving workouts around, ect…but I have an upcoming travel commitment for work that will prevent me from #FTFPing during the final build week of my sweet spot program.

I want to effectively balance my desire to hit the CTL goal designed by the program with recovering properly during a very busy week at work.

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Mitch!

To clarify - we do not review your power data. What we do is analyze your power data in reference to the question(s) you post to the forum. Science based answers, so to speak.

For example if you ask a question about what you should do sweet spot or intervals, we’ll look at your PMC chart in TrainingPeaks and evaluate your training load, look at how well you are FtFP’ing and answer based on what your data is telling us.

Same way if the question is about a particular workout - we’ll analyze the power data to help us answer again from the ‘science’ / data.

And per your travel commitment coming up - we’ll help you revise accordingly and still hit your goals. I can already tell you if you are still cx summer sweet spottin’ and your season starts in September you are on the wrong plan. You want to be on the Six weeks till cx plan (presuming your season starts mid September)

We won’t review your data and revise your plan unless prompted by you - very important. So you still gotta FtFP and do your best and most importantly ASK Questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response.

The advice I received from my question in the forum back in May was to complete the 12 week SS plan (with running and cx drills included once per week) on Aug 18th, then a rest week, before switching to cx intervals, as my priority races aren’t until first week of October.

My CTL is 80 right now (33 points higher than same time last year!)

Are you recommending that I forgo the remaining 2 weeks of build (which would take me to 92CTL), and start Six Weeks Till CX right now?

Thank you,

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Yes, but when does your season start? In six weeks or less? Then our Six weeks till CX plan.

Not sure what 12 week plan you are referring to since our plans are six weeks unless you are talking about the 18 weeks of sweet spot?

I’m on the “CX Off Season 24 week Plan : CX Resistance Training + 12 weeks of Sweet Spot, Advanced.” The plan ends in a 902 TSS week, which is massive for me–and why I was concerned about balancing recovery.

My first CX race of the season is in 7 weeks.

Yea, you need to get on our Six Weeks till Cross Plan

that we describe here:

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