RE: Combining Sweet Spot Plans

Hello Frank, You answered me in the combining-sweet-spot-plans forum topic. I want to try the month subscription coach in order you can advice me what to do after my 10 week strength plan? I have bought the SS1-2-3 advanced. How does the subscription work?

Good morning @Stino77 -

What strikes me here, is how your CTL is 80 coming off the weight build program - did you seed your CTL properly, have you been riding more than the plan prescribes, do you have your FTP set properly and not too low and artificially elevating your TSS’s/ CTL ?

Lots to analyze first to ensure the integrity of your data before making a big picture decision. The other question is, what’s your rush? I.e what’s your timing?

Again not sure without knowing when your goals are, your age, etc… - we can do all this with our new $39 Coaching subscription which allows us to dive into your power data to answer your question :slight_smile: