Bicarb recovery lotion

Has anyone used a bicarb lotion like Lactigo or Amp PR? Thoughts?

I use it (AMP Human PR). I’ve been using it for hard training rides and races since it was Topical Edge. Obviously, I have no useful data to say whether it “works” or not so this is one of those hard topics to define.

FWIW and an interesting side note…I met Brad Huff and current CEO Jeff (forget his last name) at Sea Otter last week. Jeff was telling me about how they got a huge online order form the New England Patriots for overnight delivery. Turns out Jeff, who is a former NFL lineman, called the Patriots to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. The Patriots verified and Jeff learned the Patriots owner found out about AMP from the owner of Team Sky. I think Sky uses it but, not sure. Geraint Thomas is on board along with many others. Again not proof just more info.

Brad is a nut and I really ID’d with him. I’m inferring here but, I take this stuff is systemic as he said you can apply it to your abdomen and get the same effect (paraphrasing). I still rub it into the legs on habit but, it sounds like you don’t need to. He said be sure to apply it about 1 hour prior to the start of race/hard effort. It lasts around 2-3 hours maybe? I can’t remember. It doesn’t last for an afternoon so timing is important.

Anywho, research sodium bicarbonate and nitric oxide. This stuff is basically sodium bicarb…it’s how it gets into your system that is critical. AMP uses fat for a delivery system IIRC. I didn’t ask them about it which is too bad. I don’t have any good info on that and have had a hard time finding anything useful. Cheers

Recently I have been using Light Legs from Bend36. It is not a bicarb based product but on a similar vein.
As mentioned I’m not sure how much it is helping from a science side but if it helps just 1% mentally then I’m all for it :wink:

I just discovered this product at Whiskey Off Road where I also met Brad Huff. I have used the product a few times now for marathon mountain bike races and local mid week races…and I love it. I have absolutely no data and no randomized trials, but for me it takes away that “locked up” feeling I get in my legs w/ anaerobic efforts. I can push through the efforts without the same feeling of pain/discomfort. I am a fan.