Drink mix suggestions

Ive recently been using Gatorade powder and about 60 grams of carbs per hour which is usually plenty however, I would like to get a drink mix that has a two to one fructose to glucose ratio so I can do 90 grams of carbs an hour and perform the best I can at races and intense intervals. so, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestion of mixes with this ratio.

Hey @rostonnordell!
What will work best for you will take some time testing out different products, but my personal favorites is Gu Roctane. We have a partnership with Gu too, so you can get a discount on the Gu Roctane using your fascat discount. I guess you could say that is a sponsored, yet nonsponsored recommendation as I used Gu roctane long before joining the fascat team. I love the grape and summit tea flavors.

I do like tailwind too however, it is a bit sweeter and find that for really long races that the sweetness causes me to get upset stomach.

** Most gels these days contain very close to a 2:1 ratio too and you can combine those with hydration mixes to achieve the ~90g per hour. For example, using 1 scoop of a hydration mix (~40g carbs) + 2 Gu roctane gels per hour (46g carbs).

Also interesting to note, new research is showing that some athletes can tolerate a 1:1 glucose fructose ratio with absorption up to 140g/hr rather than just the 90g tops that has been assumed for a while now. On the other hand from experience working with athletes, some with sensitive stomachs cant handle more than 75g/hr during intense efforts (more common with females).

Intolerances aren’t always permanent though as the more you “train your gut” to eat while you train, the more glucose and fructose transporters your body will upregulate (aka make more of) in your stomach, allowing you to take in more carbs during training. This is yet another reason why I will never advocate a low carb diet to an athlete (especially during race season). The science just doesnt support it. :wink:

But again, what works best for you just depends on you… so practice, practice, practice your nutrition so you have no worries about it come race day!


My husband and a few guys on our team use the new Skratch Labs Super Fuel mix. They are gravel and mountain bike racers and so some longer bike events. Here is al ink to see the science behind it. Sport Superfuel Drink Mix - Skratch Labs

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I have been experimenting with making my own drink mix.
Using both maltodextrin and fructose powder in a 2:1 ratio I can then just change the amount I add to a bottle. One scoop gives me around 25g of carbs so I can make a mix for the intensity and duration of the workout.
Also added to the mix is a dash of hydration powder and a small amount of flavoured BCAA powder. Not sure if the proteins are having much effect but with around 2g per scoop I didn’t think it would any harm either!


As I’m not in race mode at present I make up my bottles with water,splash of cheap supermarket fruit concentrate,pinch of ginger/tumeric/salt.

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Is there a discount code at the gu website for fascat athletes?