Best Nutrition Bar for snacking?

I don’t rely on bars as a food substitute, but find I need an on-the-go snack. I’ve tried fruit, but it ends up bruised and unappetizing in my work bag.

So I’ve been relying on Lara bars, mostly because I like the ‘ingredients you can pronounce’ approach. Are there brands that other would suggest? Are there brands to avoid?


I’m a huge fan of Lara Bars and Bobo’s bars for general snacking, as well as the new Skratch Labs bars. I also tend to try and stick to bars that have simple and few ingredients, which is why I really like Larabars especially. Definitely try to avoid the heavily processed ones like Clif or more sport-focused ones. Great in a pinch on the bike, but for everyday use they aren’t the best option.

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Hi Pat - to echo what Jackson said and to throw in if weight loss is your goal, I do not recommend bars at all for snacks because they are so easy to eat and often times don’t fill you up and you wind up eating more. Plus some bars pack 250-300 calories - those are great for long / hard riding but not snacking.

Therefore I recommend fruit and almonds. Like 1/2 cup blueberries*** and 12 almonds. Apples are super portable too and lately I’ve been jamming on Sumo Citrus because like are really easy to peel and are portable. But also if you’ve heard us say ‘get a good set of tupperware’ - this is one of the reasons why.

*** any fruit is good

NOW! If weight loss is your goal and you are getting really aggressive with it, I recommend celery and almond butter/almonds. Carrots too.

Hope that helps!