Performing 20minute test inside?

We received this question via Email.

"I purchased your sweet spot 3 training plan and am doing the 20 minute ftp test today. No power meter (yet) so I’m doing it indoors and I imported the training plan to zwift. I see the Training Peaks plan there but am unsure about how to go about it.

Is that ok? Do I need to turn erg off or will it automatically be off?

Sorry to bug you, I did a search but didn’t find the answers I was looking for. Thanks very much?


Hey Doug,

An indoor test is not as good as doing it outside but with many athletes having to train indoors or only having a power meter via trainer, you are not alone with needing to do it indoors.
With Zwift, when you start the workout and in the app you will want to turn erg mode off (there is a switch you can hit) - a 20minute test needs to be a self guided full gas effort.

Good luck!!

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Go get 'em Doug! You may also find this Indoor Field Test Training Tip helpful:

Thanks, the test was mostly successful but it was kind of hard to maintain consistent power over varying terrain due to “trainer lag”. Half way through I realized I could have (probably should have) turned the gradient slider to zero. Now if I only knew what my ftp was :stuck_out_tongue: can’t seem to locate the results.

ha yup that will help.

Once you find it in the app, then push it to TP. Then from there use the article Frank posted above to get your results and to get your zones set up check this one out :