2 days before race day diet

I know this is last min but this sat. is going to be my most stressful mtb xc race of the year. With only 2 days to go what is the best strategy for my diet during these last couple days and as the morning gets here…the race should last about an hour and half. Thank you, i love the podcast

If you are talking diet as in losing weight you should not be focused on that and just taking in calories. If you are talking about diet preparing for a race it shouldn’t’ change much from your typical training diet. The race is not that long so you don’t need to be taking in extra calories. Since it is short it will burn mostly carbohydrates. So focus on things that will burn quickly and you will be using in the race.

Here is winning in the kitchen:

Also here is what to eat before a cyclocross race. That won’t be much different than a 90 minute XC mountain bike event.

Good luck!


thank you. im after the performance aspect of it…i just want to make sure i got all my basics covered