Zone 2 by Heart Rate workouts

I’m doing the Sweet Spot 4 plan, and really enjoying it - nice change of pace, but enough intensity to keep things fun! On the days with ‘Zone 2 by Heart Rate’ workouts, I’m finding that I need to be riding well into power zone 3, in order get and keep my HR at mid Zone 2 (HR Zone 2). I’m fine w/ this, but want to be sure I’m not doing something wrong, or going too hard on what is supposed to be an easier day. (On the plus side, I’m getting lots of extra Sweet Spot time! :slight_smile:




Hi @jamesstoll if you are riding in zone 2 heart rates but your power is tempo then it is likely that your FTP has increased. Because normally your watts should follow zone 2 heart rates and be zone 2 watts.

Not a problem bc in week 4 you have a field test to update your zones :muscle: