WITK Weight Loss and snack timings

I am currently a few days into the WITK weight loss plan and had a question in regards to the AM and PM snack timings. I find that the high volume of food at breakfast leaves me satiated until lunch and was wondering is I should just skip the AM snack altogether or if I can have it in the afternoon? If I do have it in the afternoon is the PM snack ok in the evening as long as it is at least a couple of hours before I go to bed?

Hey Sean! Yes you are free to have the snack throughout the day whenever you are hungry/whenever it is most convenient for you. Eating it an hour or so before bed is also totally fine, especially if you find that helps to keep you satiated through the night. At the end of the day, weight loss is about calories in vs calories out - not about when you eat those calories.

With that said, eating something post ride IS time sensitive as your insulin levels are high after training. Those high levels of insulin promote the uptake of glucose (aka carbs) into your muscles to restore glycogen levels (which you can completely deplete after a long, hard ride) and it helps to stimulate protein repair and protein synthesis. Both of which are crucial for optimal recovery :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the quick response Lacey!

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