TSB below -20 often

I am currently preparing for the Evans Hill Climb. I am starting with the sweet spot part 2 followed by the Evans plan. TrainingPeaks has an article that says TSB should not go below -20 more than once every ten days. I am relatively new to training with a power meter but am confidant that my ftp is 200. However, as I build into the plan, my TSB keeps falling below -20 and occasionally falls below 30. I am fatigued on those days but still able to complete the training schedule. Do you suggest dialing back to stay above -20 or pushing through?

Thank you.

How much data is in TrainingPeaks before the plan started? If you are starting from a CTL of 0 that will balling more since you probably really weren’t at 0 before starting.

As long as you feel fine you’re ok. Just make sure to take the rest and recovery seriously. Make sure your regeneration weeks you get towards 0 and above.

I’d love to read that article and see what the heck they were talking about.

In order to get fast you gotta generate some fatigue.And yea TSB goes down. More than -20 sometimes.

This is also a case of #FtFP - we’ve already accounted for all that an then some when we designed the plan - you’re fine and will be fine from simply following the plan.

Good luck and do share that article please,

Hi. Thank you for the feedback. Here is a link to the article:

Thank you again


Ha, that is a good article, I remember when that came out long ago.

Like I was saying earlier, we’ve already accounted for your fatigue, ATL & +'ve and -'ve TSBs in the way we designed your training plan. Proper training plan design takes into account that and so much more…

Our philosophy is simple: follow a plan and you will get faster. You don’t need to overthink or worry about everything you read in the internet . WebMD will tell you, you are going to die from a bug bite :wink:

In your plan, when you start resting up before Mt. Evans, that’s when your TSB matters. Follow the plan, work hard, get tired and yea your TSB will and should go negative but come race day you’ll toe the start line with confidence you’ve gained from your training. Good luck!

I guess a prerequisite in the replies from Jake/Frank is that one has chosen a suitable training plan level?

During the SS plan my TSB has usually been in the range of -20 to -30 at the end of a 3 week block, but coming back after the rest week the TSB is raised to -5 to 0 and my power has always improved. I’ve found this to correspond with the TSB article written by Joe Friel: (https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/applying-the-numbers-part-3-training-stress-balance/).

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