Traveling to Altitude adjust training?

Hi, I’m in the middle of the 18-week Sweet Spot training plan. I’m headed from sea level to spend a few weeks (~3/4 weeks) in the Rockies staying at 8100ft. Curious how or if I should I adjust my training or if I should do something differently to take advantage of the altitude. Thanks!

You will need to use your heart rate and perceived exertion more than your power. Your FTP could be as much as 10% lower at that altitude compared to your FTP at sea level. So your zones will need to be adjusted.

Since you will be there for 3 - 4 weeks you may struggle a bit to recover early on. So make sure not to go too hard early on. Listen to your body with perceived exertion as opposed to be a prisoner to the watts.

Typically if you live at altitude and are going to sea level there can be some benefits by takin advantage of that by doing some higher intensity training since you’d be able to hit higher numbers, but not so much the other way.