Training without Power meter

Looking for any tips on training without a power meter. I have Wahoo for HR, Speed, Cadence.
I feel like when am trying to Follow The Plan, riding outside it is difficult to keep looking down to be sure I am riding at the proper HR and for the allotted time period. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nickdigiuseppe - all of our plans are zone based meaning you can FtFP them with

  • heart rate
    -rate of perceived exertion
  • wattages

When you combine the first two (HR & RPE) you should be able to ‘feel’ if you are in the right zone and only need to glance down at your heart rate monitor to confirm 3 things:
a) you are right in the zone
b) you need to pedal harder to get up into the zone
c) you need to pedal less hard to go back down to the desired zone

Good luck - hope that helps!