Training adaption after aerobic uncoupling/bonking

I’ve been doing my 3-4 hour weekend rides with a group that is slightly faster than I am. This is usually good as it will push me to go a bit harder a bit longer, but sometimes I overcook it and get into a situation where my HR goes into the threshold range even at Z1/Z2 power outputs (not sure if uncoupling or bonking or both).

When I get in this type of situation, is there any training benefit to pushing along under these conditions for another hour or so? Is it better to take a long rest stop to fuel and recover before carrying on or maybe even just cutting the ride short?

That happens to a friend of mine sometimes. He has Afib. He can’t get his heart rate down no matter what zone he is in. You may want to have that checked out.

Thanks for the concern! I may have been too dramatic in my description of my condition. My HR will go down to about 140 under easy pedaling, but immediately shoots up to 155-160 if I put in real power to the pedals. Here’s an image of my last hour. Here the HR troughs are ~140. In the early parts of my ride, the troughs go down to 120-130.

seems more like uncoupling aka cardiac drift. if it was bonking you simply wouldn’t be able to push the pedals harder. when this happens to me I just keep riding and try to take on more fluids. fueling will help you keep applying power to the pedals but won’t lower your heart rate.