Tabatas - Full gas or 170%?

Should these efforts be full gas or 170% FTP? I mean, the reality is that one (170%) is easier than the other (full gas). This was my first try at Tabatas (reverse) today and my non-ergo (full gas) efforts ended up being more along the lines of 195% of FTP. And yes, I dang near fell off the trainer after the last set.


Well - in this case if you did 195% , yes by all means this fulfills the full gas description. Since you succeeded: yes, go full gas :slight_smile:

Nice work by the way!

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Thanks for the response. Happy riding.

The original research was conducted at 170% Vo2 max. You could do a 5 minute Vo2 max test to determine an estimate of your power at Vo2 then use that number (x 170%). My guess is you’ll find it winds up being pretty close (likely below) to your 195% of FTP.

This is a nice review paper by Tabata if you like reading the science:

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