Power meter for gravel bike

hi all,

so, i’m considering getting a power meter for my gravel bike. originally, i was a little hesitate to get one because i did my intervals on my road bike (which has a power meter), and did longer gravel rides based on rpe and hr. now taking gravel training and racing more seriously, i think it might be time to move beyond hr/rpe on gravel and get more concrete data. any thoughts on this? is a power meter on a gravel bike worth it? i don’t use one on my mtb, but pedaling in the woods is a little different (surge, coast, surge, coast, pedal moderately some…the power profile is a series of peaks and valleys); but, pedaling on gravel is more akin to road – that is, more consistent.

and, as a follow up, any thoughts on crank arm versus spider style? i’m torn between the 4iiii and the quarq dzero. i know the former is single-leg, whereas the later is dual. my road bike has a single leg stages. should i keep things consistent? 4iiii is a bit less expensive, but i’m worried about durability on rougher terrain. any thoughts, recommendations, etc. are most welcome. happy holidays, friends!!!


Hey Robert!

Power meters for gravel are legit! I would suggest getting one.

We have a deal with Stages

It would be ideal to keep your power meters consistent!

hope that helps,
Coach Allie

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I went with a 4iii drive-side only crank meter. I would have went dual (or even the cheaper left-side) but the step out stays which give my gravel bike all that sweet sweet clearance, also mean some PMs don’t fit.

So double and triple check fit first :slight_smile:

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I have a 4iii one sided also* (left) which works great. It’s different from my road bike, but I bought that used, so I didn’t have a choice. The road bike actually has the SRAM force quarq, which is more accurate since it does both legs.

I was switching my road favero assioma pedals back and forth from road bike but dont recommend that as i damaged them on a rock promptly on one of my first challenging mtb territory gravel rides.

I ended up getting stages crank arm…