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I’ve recently started my meal plan offered by fadcat. When purchasing the program I entered that I have an “intermediate” level of activity. Does anyone know what constitutes and “intermediate” level of activity. I ask because the meal plan seems like a lot of food in order for me to lose weight. Thank you.

Hey Martin!
The intermediate plan is for 8-12 hours of moderate to high intensity training on the bike. How much physical activity are you doing currently?


My goal is 10 hrs a week on the bike with only one day where I go all out “race day”. The other days are tempo at best.

However, I just looked and I’ve only been able to hit 8 hrs/week 6 times in 2021, due travel for work.

Not sure what to do here? Any ideas.


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Just a little overview of the way the plan is structured.
Mondays and fridays are rest days and thus have lower calories compared to the rest of the days.
Saturdays and sundays have the highest to account for long weekend rides. If you are not riding 2-4 hours on those days then I would cut back on the calories.

To do that you can simply cut out almond butter with your snack or the granola. You can also reduce the carbs in your meals by 1/4 to 1/2. So instead of having 1 cup of oats (this is measured raw before cooking them) you could use 1/2 cup. Same with the rice in your dinners/lunches.

Also, if you are doing strictly endurance zone on the bike for 1.5-2 hours you can aim for ~30g of carbohydrates per hour. For 1.5+ hrs of race pace you can aim for 45-60g. If your ride is less than 1.5 hours, simply use some electrolytes in your bottle and you will be fine. These changes should but you on target to reach your weight loss goals :slight_smile:

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