From Basic to Intermediate level

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I wonder by changing my Basic to Intermediate level would assist in weight loss?
I have no races just concentrating on increasing power with a stable cadence following the SS plan and losing weight.

After a thorough review of the diet plan, I could not convince my family to join me.
So my next idea would be to put more hours on the trainer and ride more.

If you have any recommendations I would much appreciate

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Estimating you would ride 3 more hours a week burning 450 calories/hour, that’s 1350 calories extra burned a week. Generally speaking you need to “under eat” and/or “over burn” by 3,500 calories a week to lose one pound. So by my estimate you could lose 1 pound every 3 weeks. That may work, but your stomach may also say hey I’m hungry for another 450 calories today, and if you don’t know what you are eating now, you may unknowingly eat a little more.

To effectively lose weight you will probably need to take control of your own food, so you know exactly what you are taking in vs. what you are expending. And to insure you are getting the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fat for best recovery. As long as your family supports you rather than teases you or even gets angry that you aren’t eating what mom is making, there’s no reason the family has to follow your diet or menu.


Hi @theodore.powers That makes 100% sense and I thank you
I know I must take control but I cannot persuade others so I would need my other half assistance for the FasCat Meal :slight_smile:
It is not laziness just I never had the reason to cook. Just the style of my life.
Right now I am trying to be on 1970 calories a day 79KG and only 162cm. trying to reach 70KG.
I put a lot of effort into training and the food but I just cannot see the weight scale to befriend me.
I am not drinking any alcohol I am not a sweet tooth no carbonated drinks.
Drinking protein drinks, for recovery even changed meals with protein drinks.

But again i truly appreciate your answer and i will try to follow.
Also, I will see if increasing my hours and keep the same food (not more) would help

Many thanks

I would almost guarantee that Lacey had to assume that plan buyers had never cooked a day in their life when she designed it.

Your calorie intake looks reasonable for weight loss though assuming you are counting everything correctly.

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