Is Beyond Meat winning in the kitchen?

I love the beyond burgers and ground “meat”. Is that type of food considered healthy? I think its made out of beans.

I think so: yes @javiernarro

Your physician will point out how much sodium each burger has and it is quite high but once in awhile I think its OK.

I wouldn’t recommend an Impossible burger on a regular basis but perhaps only when you are craving a burger. By eating an impossible burger you are avoiding all the saturated fat that comes with red meat.

I also would point out that @Lacey_Rivette has a tasty Black Bean Burger recipe here that helps you Win in the Kitchen MORE than an Impossible Burger :slight_smile:

Also, paging the man the myth the legend J-Lo @Jackson for his thoughts too - thanks for the question!

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I agree with @FRANK here! I wouldn’t say they aren’t healthy (though who really defines healthy? It is quite a subjective term )

But if we are talking from a nutrition standpoint, you are saving on some saturated fat which is great! However the amount of fat in these burgers is quite high, making them high in calories too… so not the best choice if you want to lose weight. My black bean burgers are about 1/2 the calories :slight_smile: The oils used in meat replacements is typically refined in some way too, unlike the fat found in olive oil, avocados, nuts and seed. So to #wininthekitchen we suggest getting the majority of your fats from those sources.

Now… from a dietitian standpoint, I am a big advocate for moderation! Food is meant to be enjoyed and how you eat needs to be sustainable, so if a plant based burger every now and then sounds good… have one, just try not to make it an everyday thing and be sure to include the unrefined sources of fat in your diet on a regular basis. If you do that, you are #winninginthekitchen :wink:

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Agreed with everything @FRANK and @Lacey_Rivette said! Beyond Meat is definitely not a health food, and it’s all relative to what you’re replacing it with. Swapping it out for some factory farmed ground beef patties? Probably a step up. Having a Beyond Burger instead of a homemade black bean/quinoa/sweet potato patty? Not doing yourself any favors. But every once in a while it’s certainly not going to harm you and is a much more sustainable and ethical choice. It’s a great option for backyard BBQs and cooking for picky family and friends. Winning in the Kitchen is about overall, long term food choices incorporated into the lifestyle rather than focusing on singular food items. Gotta keep my favorite saying in mind when it comes to nutrition: don’t miss the forest for the trees :wink:


thanks all for the response! @FRANK @Lacey_Rivette @Jackson

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