Help with pacing on long rides

Any advice/tips to help pace for a long ride? I had a 5 hour/275TSS ride today and finished with 5:38/376TSS. Looking at my splits I had TSS 128 just hour and half into the ride and IF was 0.91 average. I really wanted/needed the time in the saddle so I did my whole planned route but I was a little bent in the end, which put a lot of active recovery time (also had a flat and my gps mount snapped off but that’s whatever). I even stayed in small ring!

How do I sit in zone 2 on the road? Lmao I can do it on Zwift no problem but something about getting outside pumps me up!

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Definitely easier to stay in zone2 on flat roads and rollers. Getting pumped up is a thing, it takes some discipline to stay in zone2!

Discipline for sure. Just realizing that the effort you did in the first hour was super intense. Think of it as a slow burn/boil. Totally take time to warm up and get into a rhythm