Finished Sweet Spot 1 after 10 Week Resistance Plan

So I just finished Sweet Spot 1 plan after doing the 10 week resistance plan. After the resistance plan I knew my fitness was in a valley so to speak but the weight lifting really has built muscle (visibly) on my legs and glutes. I have done regular resistance training most of my life so this was somewhat of a surprise to me. My FTP test done at the beginning of SS1 was not a great performance at a 285 watt average (indoor trainer/kickr). As I progressed through the SS1 plan I could sense my fitness improving as the efforts became easier and would find myself over SS zone watts into threshold power so I knew it was working.

After completion of SS1 performed another indoor FTP test (Iowa winter) and that came out at a 306 watt average. This is the best indoor FTP I have achieved and that test was much later in the spring so feeling like I am a fair bit ahead of where I have been in the past.

Moving on to SS3 plan now and looking to build more before mountain biking season hits here in the Midwest in early April.

Now for that winning in the Kitchen part…