Fascat Forum no appearing on Ipads

Good day all,

Just an fyi, not sure if anyone else has noticed this but over the past 2 days I’ve been unable to view the Fascat Forum on our iPads. We have 2 ipads and at first I thought it was just the older one but the same black screen appears on the newer one and they’re both up to date. I can navigate the Fascat site and everything BUT not the forum, yet have no probs when I’m back on the laptop.
Just thought you’d be interested and wondering if it’s only me.


Some update was release 14.4.x is your issue showing after the update? Do you do automatic software updates?
I confirm both devices working fine on my side

The iPad I use is min Ipad 12.5.1 and an iPhone 14.4.1

Hope that help somewhat

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Odd I’m actually on my iPad right now. iPad Pro version 1.

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