Unable to login to account

Hey guys,

I try to login with my account on the fascat website but seems like something is wrong there. I could not even reset my password it says “account not find”.

My email is the same one that i use this on forum and user name Zdravko Spasev from the billing.

Can somebody help me?

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I have the same problem with my account

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had the same issue after their website was revamped. ended up having to create a new account.

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yes, please create a new account. sorry about that!!!

I had to create a new account but it only had 1 purchase. I think I had at least 3-4 different plans.

@frank.jones your Fascat training plans should be saved in Training Peaks in the Training Plans folder

They are. I was referring to fascat account purchase history.

Youre previous purchases will not show up on the new website… however we do have a database with all of your old orders if we ever need to access those at any point @frank.jones :slightly_smiling_face:

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