New website! 🖥

Hey FasCats,
Just wanted to let you all know that we upgraded our website - go give it a look!

If for some reason your current FasCat account login does not work, go ahead and set up a new one with the same email you used before. Sorry for the extra step… but we promise its worth it :wink:


I’ve been monitoring the forum logins and everything looks like it is working and all login credentials are the same.

But if you have trouble , please let us know , thanks for #FtFP’ing! :muscle:

I dig the new site, very clean!

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website looks good, my only suggestion was to make the link to the forum a little more visible. It took me going through all the menus before I finally saw it. Maybe its just me, but may be not

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Just want to let you know that your website update broke my podcast subscriptions. On my phone as well as on my desktop computer.

The new feed doesn’t work for the podcast apps since it doesn’t contain a link to the actual audio files.

Hey @david.haering - Which platform were you using to subscribe to the podcasts? We are currently using spotify (and were on the old website as well) to post our episodes on the website.

Thanks for pointing that out! We agree and are looking into fixing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Tim! Looks like our hard work payed off cause you already snagged a new plan from it :wink::raised_hands:t3:

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Linux on the desktop with
Android on the phone with

Sorry about David - since our podcast is free you may subscribe anywhere you wish to receive your podcasts. Spotify, iTunes, etc…

I personal use the app

For some reason I had to create a new account, which does mean I have lost my purchase history. Guess that is only an issue for when I’m playing the trading card game with the plans: ‘got’, ‘got’, ‘need!’

However on a web browser it is not allowing my to log into the forums. My concern here is that by creating a new forum account will that associate with my existing profile.
Those astute readers might then wonder how I can still post now. My iPad is still logged in via DiscourseHub on my existing WordPress authorised account :man_shrugging:

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Hey Adam!
We still have a database with everyones previous order history in case someone ever needs a refund or needs a plan resent to them. We can also send you your previous purchase history if you would like to have a copy.

As far as the forum, you should be able to log in via this link. I will attache a screenshot below for the login that you should see. With that said, your username and password on discourse should be unchanged.

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Thanks for the reply @Lacey_Rivette and sorry for not getting back to you. Unfortunately I could not log in to start with but a quick password reset and we are all sorted!