Endurance Ride Zone Mismatch and Advice

So I’ve just started my sweet spot 1 plan after coming of a 3 week ‘practice plan’ to get into a schedule/routine.

That previous plan had endurance rides with the power target in the middle of Z2. The SS1 plan endurance rides has the power target towards the top of my Z2. At that power my HR sits in Z3. To meet the intent of the training should I stick to the power target or reduce power a bit (staying in z2) to bring my HR down a bit?




A few questions that first jump out to me in this case.

Did you just complete a field test? How did it go? And did you just set your power/HR zones?

Second. Are you doing this inside? Sometimes indoors (due to core temp mostly) can cause HR/power separation a little bit more then normal. (but if zones were set by an indoor test then this point is irrelevant)
Bet yes its important to know your entire zone and be able to work within the zone using your RPE but also keeping in mind the intent of the workout. Which in this case is boosting your endurance so its totally fine to float within the zone a bit more.

So in the interest of full disclosure and expecting some ‘direct advice’ in response, I did a ramp FTP test instead of the field test as described. I’ve never done one before and didn’t have confidence in pacing myself (and maybe I was intimidated of trying the full test!)

That ramp test bumped my FTP from the same ramp test 3 weeks ago by 9w, so my zones did go up as well as the change in target power within the zone. With my FTP of 212, combined with the change from ‘mid z2’ to the high end of z2, my target power went up 20w from 132 to 150 for endurance rides.

Yep - indoor training but FTP ramp test done indoors too.

I’ll look at floating a bit within the zone if I’m outside and turn off ERG mode if I have to do it inside. Thanks!

Ya I would encourage you to give the 20minute test a go (my guess is you knew I would say that). This will allow you to dial in your HR and power zones a little bit and especially for the longer aerobic style efforts.
Totally understand being intimidated (we all do it) but remind yourself its a training tool and thats all.
Also you can use the ramp test as a pacing tool for your 20minute test, so you can take good confidence in that.

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40 lashes for not #FtFP’ing!

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Yeah - that’s warranted!

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So as I need to FtTP would the best plan be to replace my week 2 Tuesday ride (3x12 minutes SS) with the field test? About the same estimated TSS. Or just stick to the plan and worry about the field test at the end before I start SS2?

I would replace next Tuesdays ride yes. Good luck!

Thanks…I think…I was kind of hoping you’ll tell me to wait…

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