Discount on next training plan

So i just finished a training plan and i’ve reviewed it. Wondering about that discount on the next purchase thing. Will you send a code via email? How does that work?

Best Regards,

Bruno Feijão

Can i get one of the coaches to answer this for me? Wanted to get the new 30 WEEK WEIGHTS + SWEET SPOT BASE training plan with this discount…

Hi @brunocfeijao - what is your question?

If you have left a review, our website will email you your discount code. Check your inbox and double check it did not goto spam.

Hope that helps - for more information please see:

@FRANK Thank you for the answer.
I have checked and i haven’t received any email. And checked the spam folder as well, and nothing there.
But checked the Cheetah loyalty program and i received the 2000pts there. Didn’t even thought of checking there since i thought it would be via email…
So i guess problem sorted… Thx frank