Annual Plan by FastCat

I tried to find similar tread by I didn’t so just forgive me if I missed sth.

Let’s say I want to organize my whole training year with plans from fastcat. My goals: long road mountain races with long climbs (30-90min) like 100-150km with 3-4k of elevation plus a couple of gravel races. I have long endurance history but I’m 37 years old right now and m recovery abilities are in a different place than before :slight_smile: Base training by the fastcat, as far as I understand, is a sweetspot plan (18 weeks plan). The second phase (at least I have done it that way till now) is a build FTP phase (sustained power). What is a proper plan for that in a fastcat library? And the last one (again, I have done it that way till now) is a speciality depends on the goals (sth like fondo plan for this big races in the mountains). Can you give me any tips which plan should pick taking my goals into consideration?

There’s a 32-week training plan here combining the 3 plans done over fall-winter-spring and you’d add your event-specific plans in the remaining weeks leading to your event. I believe the entire sweetspot 1-3 sequence is considered to cover the off-season/base/build periods.

Hi , as Chad said we have a great 32 week plan that would include a foundation plan, 10 week resistance plan and 18 weeks of sweet spot!

So after the base phase (18 weeks of sweet spot) we have the exact plan you would be looking for. It is our 6 week Mountain Bike marathon plan!

“ This plan is built for epic races with a foundation of Sweet Spot and Threshold work to make sure you’re ready for 10-30 minute climbs during a 50-100-mile event. We structure this plan with structured training during the week, and “freestyle” workouts on the weekends to keep your mind fresh and having fun.

This plan was featured in Outside Magazine, hit this link to read all about it!