Struggling with sprints

I have trouble doing workouts like 5 x 4 min that lead and end with 125% and 150% FTP. The legs and mind are strong, but the heart isn’t up to it. I want to tailor these workouts to me but stay within the spirit of the workout, say 101% and then like 105% FTP, adjusting the sweetspot duration/intensity to keep the overall TSS the same.

How’s this sound?

Could you clarify by what you mean when you say “the heart isn’t up to it?” Is there an underlying medical concern involved here (if so, please consult your Dr, not us!) or is this just a way of saying you aren’t able to complete the efforts?

It’s a medical issue with my heart. The cardiologist says I’m good to go, but to go back if it gets in the way of life.

The symptoms are reproducible on the bike if I’ve built up some fatigue (anecdotally attaching a number to it, when my fatigue in TP enters the 100s?). If I need to do a “full gas” jump during a workout, then I trigger the heart issue. When the symptoms happen, I almost faint, need to get on the ground, and (usually) just call it a day.

I’ve tried doing resistance mode on the trainer to roll into the power with mixed success.

So that’s the situation.

Well… on the vein of “better, not perfect”, I edited down this workout’s 200% bursts to just 102%.

Missed 7 TSS off the original target. It’ll have to do for this last (non-regen) week of 16-weeks-of-sweet-spot.

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This is a great workout! Don’t sweat ‘missing’ 7 TSS - the TSS target is a range not an exact number. Think in terms of +/- 5-10%

Good bursts and remember the goal of the bursts - to prepare you for real world riding conditions: up a switchback on a climb, over a roller, over a technical section in cyclocross or mountain biking - its an area of opportunity for you to work on an improve in order to meet the power demands of ^^

Good luck - keep FtFP’ing :muscle:

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