Pre-race breakfast 8am race

I’m curious as to what your recommended breakfast is for an event like Steamboat Gravel? Also, when to eat it? Often these races start at 8am and I would normally arrive 1- 1.5 hours early to set up and do a 30-60 minute warm up. However I wouldn’t normally get up at 4am to eat breakfast as I’m seeing suggestions of eating 3 hours prior to a race which really isn’t feasible - any insights you can share would be appreciated as all of my events this year are pretty similar to Steamboat Gravel they just aren’t at 10,000 feet !


For Steamboats’s 7am start - you won’t have time to do more than and quick breakfaster 5:30-6am-ish. Do not get up at 4 am :wink:

Treat your dinner the night before as your pre-race meal. For the morning simply top off your glycogen stores with an easily digestible meal like mueslie, oats, with banana so forth. Time will be of the essence so I would not even go the rice n eggs route.

An energy bar accompanied by a piece of fruit and/or bowl of oatmeal is also good. Long answer short: that early don’t try to eat a full breakfast since you’ll be eating so close to the race. Eat a big dinner the night before.


Gold. Adding this tip to my arsenal, Thanks Frank

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Thanks so much - very much appreciated. I’ll try this for the upcoming WildWest gravel race next month in NorCal and CO2UT later in May.

So far so good on the SS18 plan. Appreciate your support and how responsive your team is.


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