Powermeters for Cyclocross

from Heath Umbach up in Massachusetts:

Where are you on power meters in CX? A friend is offering to basically give me his, but almost literally nobody on my team uses them for CX.

So great question. First I am big into power based training and recording every pedal stroke to have every bit of data. The primary reason begin to quantify your training load in order to plan and balance your recovery. More training = more recovery necessary. Less training = less recovery necessary.

For cyclocross I like powermeters but they aren’t necessary. I don’t use the powermeter during the race but I absolutely download the data and to use for training load quantification, mentioned above.

So not necessary but really nice to have. For cyclocross training outside of racing I do find it helpful for power-based workouts. For skills based rides (like cornering or hot-laps) a powermeter is not necessary.

Hope that helps -

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