Locked forum topics

Some topics on the forum are locked if you don’t own a training plan. I own a few plans purchased this winter and I was wondering how to unlock the training plan topics.

Added - you should be all set, but let us know if not!

Thanks Frank. Great forum, plans and podcast.

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Is there now more than one layer of “closed” discussions? Training Plan Members and then Training Subscription Members? I see some locked conversations as well (I am a plan member).

Thank you.


Yes, the Members area is for those who have purchased a Coaching Subscription:

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@FRANK thank you for your quick reply.

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@FRANK Hi Frank, I have the same issue. I own the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan, but can’t get access to most threads. Could you manually unlock me?

Thanks a lot,


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All set @nicolas - if anyone else bought a plan before our forum went live (May 2019) and can’t get into the locked non member posts, let us know here and we’ll add you manually. The website was supposed to do it but there is a glitch.

@FRANK perfect, thank you!

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