HUNGRY all week long!

I’m 5’4” 116
I’ve followed macros all year at 1560 cal.
Protein 116
Carbs 173
Fats 43
I’ve been fine on these all year, but I started resistance this week and I feel SO hungry all day long! It takes all my will power to stay in my macros.
I’ve done plenty of long bike rides without feeling this way.
Is this normal?

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Hi Lindsay!

Make sure you’re timing your eating and what your eating correctly with weight training. Carbs before and protein and carbs after to ensure quality recovery! I believe @Lacey_Rivette can give you a better break down for pre and post workout nutrition. Make sure you’re hydrated (water and electrolytes) AND make sure you getting enough calories. If you’re sitting at 1560cals and you’re burning calories from cycling and weight lifting you’re likely in a deficit.


I am in a deficit. I’ve lost 30+ since March :muscle: and am/was hoping to drop 5 more before I go to maintenance calories… I want to be light on those climbs. However, I might be rethinking calories if I’m feeling so hungry.
I have been eating up on carbs beforehand, but I’ll research more on that and see if I’m eating enough carbs.
I was going crazy yesterday and the days before… all I’ve thought about is food!


Hey @lindsay.marx – congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome.

Allie is correct, you are definitely in a deficit. In fact I am going to lean to say that you are in too much of a deficit. Based on what you noted as well as seeing that you are on the intermediate off season plan, I estimate your maintenance calorie needs are around 2200-2300 calories. That could be even higher if you are active throughout the day aside from your training on the bike and in the gym. I would aim to bump your calories up to around 1700-1800 calories right now and focus on getting those from carbs and some healthy fats to help with satiety. Your are meeting your protein needs, so no need to add more.

Also like Allie noted, make sure you are consuming enough before, during and immediately following training. That will help to give you the energy/nutrients you need to execute your workout, promote recovery, and reduce cravings later in the day (a sure sign your body is telling you it isnt getting enough).


Thank you @Allie and @Lacey_Rivette!
I actually changed my plan to the basic… I didn’t think I could keep those hours on the bike during the winter in Utah.
I’’be been feeling better. I’ve been messing around with a better calorie intake and that’s helped. I usually eat pretty healthy but I’m now making sure I’m getting around 40+ grams of carbs before gym/riding.
I do have to admit though, I’m terrified of putting on the weight I’ve lost this year.

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