Meal Plan Weight Loss Next Steps

I completed 4 weeks of the weight loss plan and it went well for me. I dropped a solid 7 pounds and moved my BMI a good 1.25%. I feel like i’m maybe 5 pounds off my fighting weight but my big event isn’t until next Aug. Should I just focus on maintaining at this point or chase a few more pounds now? I’m still doing an average 8 hour training week with coach Christian but winter will find me on the slopes a lot and that will slow a bit to just trainer workouts minus the longer 3-4 hour outdoor stuff.

The plan was easy to follow and i enjoyed the meals. I know this whole thing was based off a caloric deficit but honestly i think many days i have been under eating and likely over eating on others. The consistency really helped me get a feel for the gaps I may have had and how my body reacts.


Great work, Mateo!

You could continue your weight loss streak, slowly but surely, and then practice maintaining. If what you are doing is working then continue with the good habits and consistency!

We want you to feel your best mentally and physically!

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie

You can keep following your weight loss meal plan until you reach your goals! Let Coach @Christian know about your nutrition (he will see it in TP) and then he will be able to consult with you on riding volume and nutrition to help you reach your goals.

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