Zwift Meetup with Coach Jake this Thursday, February 11th, 7pm est/5pm mst

Thanks everyone! Was fun. And hope to see you all next time if the stars align!

Looks like it should be December 10th.


Hey, Thank you. I jumped into the ride - my first ever Zwift ride! I’ve been a cyclist/competitor since the mid 80’s. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I started following you on Strava and saw that you did a ride around Avon/Plainfield/Danville. I was born and raised in Indiana and live for a long period in Brownsburg. Are you from the area or just visiting?

I’m new to the FasCat community and so far am loving it.

Greg Wood

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Hey Greg! Thanks for joining in on the ride! Yeah I live in the Avon area now and have since graduation college in 2006. So been hitting the streets around here for quite some time.

Glad you are enjoy the FasCat community! Small world sometimes huh? Maybe you’ll be able to join us for a nexts month ride as well!

I’m new to Zwift and FasCat, but really enjoying both so far. I’ve been riding and racing since the 80’s, and was last on a program in 2006-2008 when I did CTS. It’s nice to be in some structure again.

See you on the next ride!