Zone setting on wahoo elemnt bolt

Just completed 20 minute FTP test :crazy_face:

Got zones set on training peaks.

Setting zones on wahoo elemnt don’t seem to match that well. Is there a way to get them exact or is this not so important.

Hi @drlibasci
If I understand correctly you do not set your zones on the bolt but on the app settings


You only use power zones if you are using a bicycle power meter. Power zones are like heart rate zones, but for bicycle power output. There are many thoughts and theories concerning power zones out there but the following should help get you started.

The first step is to establish your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) with a short test. You can find an excellent article on FTP testing HERE.

Once you’ve calculated your FTP, input it into the Wahoo App’s Profile page and select your desired number of zones (6 to 8). You can then customize

I am using the Elemnt never had to set it on the unit only on the app

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Your right I use the app on phone to set them. But I can’t get them to match my TrainingPeaks settings!!
When customizing them you set the lower number only.

Yeah they have some slightly different percentages and zone models.
Personally I try to get them close and then just remember the key numbers for the workout.

Remember if you need a print out of the workout plan then you are doing it wrong :wink:


Heeeey, who said that?! :wink: