Your Training for the Next 22 Weeks

TGIF FasCats -

I recorded the latest podcast based on the feedback I was getting from the forum and what to do for the next 22 weeks. Weights + Base, of course! Or if your A race is in 22 weeks weights + base + intervals!

Or, this consideration or that one … you get the picture - lots to consider and I hope this pod helps. For reference 22 weeks is our 10 week weight lifting plan + sweet spot part 2 [16 weeks] plus options from there like sweet spot part 3 to work on your CTL or sweet spot part 4 to be “B Race” ready (from the VO’2s.

or you may simply want to switch from Base to Race and begin your six week high intensity interval training. (Choose your discipline)

Hope that helps - as always here to take your questions and gather your feedback to help you ride faster!


I am looking for an option to download the podcast. There was one in the past, but looks like you guys altered the primary host posted. Any way to download from that or another source now?

We swapped over to Spotify’s podcast player embedded on WordPress.

Previously it was from Blubrry. I did not know people downloaded the pod tho.

I consume all my podcasts thru if on my phone an Spotify if at my desktop

Not sure if that helps…

I get it on spotify always… phone or pc. Solid gold.

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