Year round training schedule, no events

I am looking for a general outline for a year round training plan. The trick… I have no events or races. I have prescribed to workout plans in the past and I have had great success increasing FTP and general bike fitness but after completion of the plan, I always struggle to get back on a plan as I do not race or enter any events. I just go ride! I live in Salt Lake City, so no winter riding. I just want to be fit and ready from about May through August. Every plan and article I read is about getting you ready for a specific date. Is there something geared towards a cyclist that just wants to stay fit and for larger window for general riding? I know I won’t be peaked for a longer window, but as I am not racing, that is not necessary. Just want to crush the local canyons in the spring and summer months.

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Awesome @michaelgonzales - our 4 annual training phases are

Off season
Sweet Spot Base
Specific Race Prep

For your specific race prep you could simple do our Strava KOM plan
For Off season and Base we have that bundled into a 32 week plan (read the :star::star::star::star::star:reviews )
Then for Intervals - choose our Climbing Intervals to crush the Canyons in Utah.